Reasons to Cook Recipes With Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the most popular spices used in many food dishes. It got its name because it comes from the area near the Cayenne River in French Guiana. The scientific name of this pepper is Capsicum frutescens. The other name for this spice is red pepper. Here are some famous recipes derived from this popular spice.

Many recipes use this red pepper as an ingredient. It is a popular additive to many seasoning concoctions from a wide variety of cuisines namely: Indian, Mexican, Italian, and Caribbean. A simple recipe that involves this spice is scrambled egg omelet. All you need are a couple of eggs, about one tablespoon of milk, one-fourth cup of cheddar, a dash of salt, and the red pepper. Except for the cheese, mix all the other ingredients together using a warm skillet. Cook and stir for at least five to seven minutes. Once all the moisture has dried out, top if off with the cheddar and serve hot.

Other popular recipes that include this wonderful ingredient are Mexican steak burrito, southern fried chicken with garlic butter, Romanian minced meat rolls, and Spanish seafood stew. American enchiladas are a play on the Mexican version, but are more akin to American tastes. The addition of red pepper to this popular Mexican dish adds the right balance of spice and flavor to it. You can check out the Internet for more details on how to cook these wonderful meals using this ingredient.

Red pepper has also many health benefits if taken in moderate amounts. It may help regulate blood pressure and may help the body reduce artery clogging bad cholesterol known as LDL or low-density lipoprotein. Based university studies, this spice may also help with weight loss. Cayenne may also increase metabolism and in effect can burn calories.

There is also evidence to suggest the spice might be a cancer deterrent. This spice works well for people predisposed to lung cancer. It is widely believed that the high capsaicin levels found in Cayenne leads to the prevention of tobacco-related tumor growth. Other findings suggest it also has similar effects on liver cancer. Capsaicin the substance that is responsible for the spiciness of Cayenne actually has many medicinal properties to its name.

The pepper is also known to inhibit a pain mediator called substance p. This is why red pepper is a popular ingredient for topical medications used to alleviate the pain caused by musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis. It can also provide relief from the itching causes by allergic conditions such as psoriasis.